AVG Customer Care Support Number

AVG customer care service number is mostly available only to the customers using the product of AVG Technologies and for the others, it is not the customer care, but free consultation number is available.

As customer care services are for the customers and are meant to resolve the issues they are facing, it is necessary first to see some of the issues that an AVG customer deals with and needs assistance over it.
· Proper Update
· Procedural Installation
· Subscription plan and period
· Complication with other anti-virus software
· Availability
· Terms and License

These are some very commonly observed issues that a user deals with while using anti-virus software and need the service of customer support.
Solution to all these problems is either having proper awareness about the software or having user’s manual always at ready. But always at some point assistance tech support is needed.

But, customer care service number is not so easily available to everyone. Rather one can have the free consulting phone numbers that AVG provides.

Free Consulting Phone Numbers

One is for United States (US), i.e. +1-844-234-6038.

This phone number is for free consulting (not for customer care support), and it is toll-free in the US but not for the one calling from some other country. Anyone calling at this phone number for any help from any other country than the US will be charged.

Another one is for Great Britain (GB), i.e. 0800-085-4139.

Same goes for this consulting phone number of AVG tech support. The number is toll-free in Great Britain but not if calling from some other country.

Customer Care Support Service Number

It is very important to keep in mind that the customer care support numbers for voice process or voice support can only be available on its official site. If it is not coming from it, then the number is not valid.
Now, this phone number can only be available to those who are using the AVG anti-virus and either on paid or on trial version. For this one needs to visit and fill the Technical Support From on AVG site and then depending upon the issue then either one of the chat links, e-mail or phone number form will appear and then one can the assistance of the AVG technical support services.

We hope this content will help the one in seeking the support services of AVG antivirus tech-support service.