DELL Customer Care Support Number

Dell Incorporation is an advanced computer technology which is originated in Texas with tremendous and powerful technology and with a greater number of users worldwide. It is one of the largest suppliers of PCs and products related to computer software parts. It provides excellent support and customer care to all users.

Dell Support Number

This innovative company consisting of enthusiastic professionals about 111,300 employees and providing technological advancement to the company to make the best selling computer related company in the world. The work is to design, repair, customer support and to sell computer systems. It is making significant process in progressive transformation in IT initiative and sectors. It serves the community to give a donation to for relief programs and give support to the nonprofit organization. Dell provides support to tackle the hassles which are faced by users while operating Dell products like computers, PCs, printers, etc.

Some of the technical issues which are faced by Dell users are:

• Errors while installing driver
• Printer installation issue
• Wireless support connecting issues
• System running slow
• Pop-ups coming in offline mode
• Internet pop-ups coming in online mode again and again
• Software security issue
• Trouble with connections with electronic accessories
• Errors in setting up home network
• Mouse is not working
• Battery issues related to overheating
• Monitor display problem
• Blurry in display screen
• Display problem in laptop with vertical lines

The issues which are faced by users while working on computer and laptops are solved by Dell support system team in an organized way. They provide customer care numbers so to make call or contact via email and by online website help. They help the customer to diagnose the problem faced by them.

To start diagnostics using assistance support as follows:

1. Click Windows start button
2. Open all programs
3. In Dell folder open Dell support assistance service
4. Click checkup file
5. Choose diagnostic check (which you want to do )
6. Default- takes 15 minutes
7. Stress-takes 20 minutes
8. Scan-It runs diagnostic test

The solutions to given problem faced by users in operating PCs and laptops via online support system as follows:

System Running Slow:

Various fixes are made so to make system in smooth running made by adopting various strategies such as

Cleaning up the Windows:

Disk cleanup by removing the all the files, analyzing the disk which the user is about to clean and defragmenting.

Uninstall the unused applications:

The problems can be resolved by uninstalling unused applications that applications which are capturing more space in PCs drive and making computer to move slow.

Various customer care support assistance is available to help the customer. The calls are made by users to directly link with expert professionals to discuss the problems faced by them.

The numbers are made available on Dell website such as follows

Talk to Dell Expert: 800 847 4096
Online Help: Dell Customer Care
Company site:
Online help: call via net
India customer number: 1800-425-2067
USA customer care: 1877-217-7933
Hardware support: +972-1809-444688
Pro-support: +972-1809-444693
Premium support: +972-1809-639

Dell customer service is available 24×7 for customer support and deal with each customer with the full response and solving to resolve problem effectively to give best at their end. The best solution is given by Dell is that they made a Search support box in which user/customer put their product details like
• Date of purchased product
• Product serial number
• Product service tag
• Product ID

Thus Dell achievement in serving the customers are well being taken into account with excellent online support and giving tremendous customer service satisfaction to customers with great reliability and trust and making the company rise in its productions and manufacturing units all across the globe with a major connecting with a great number of users and merchants.